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 30.09.19 NLE Briefing Event, Leeds



Click here or on the image above for materials from and following this event.

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  here for the PDF version of this guidance.


  05.04.19 Matched NLE email
  NLE School Improvement Offer
  Returns to the DfE - UPDATE 1

  05.04.19 Teaching School Hubs email
  Teaching School Hubs 'test-and-learn' exercise -
  please register for updates


   04.04.19 System Leader Newsletter
  Teaching School Hubs
  ‘test-and-learn’ exercise


  27.03.19 Matched NLE email
  RAF forms / contact details

  21.03.19 NLE School improvement Offer email
  Use of your NLE bursary, 3 day activity, next steps
  Supporting materials:
  Funding Criteria
  NLE Recommended Actions Form LWY